Bangkok Girls : Heaven for men

No doubt, Thailand is Heaven for most guys when it comes to dating and sex. Bangkok Girls are like no other and will make anyone feel like a king and get him come back for more.

It's probably why so many guys decide to move permanently to Thailand, just to enjoy the company of this gorgeous and sweet creatures.

But there's so much more about Thai Girls in general and Bangkok Girls are even more different and unpredictable.

Some will like it, some will have a hard time to find the sweet spot and will go crazy trying to please this beautiful girls.

The Different Types of Thai Girls in Bangkok

For many foreigners, they have this image of Thai Girls dancing in Gogo Bars and Freelancers in Clubs and assume that all girls are like that in Thailand.

All locals and expat know they couldn't be more wrong. They know that in Bangkok you've kind all kind of girls, not only hookers and escorts.

We will talk about the difference in religion, belief, family and expectations between not only Thai Girls themselves but also between foreign girls.

Because guys often compare to the girls they know back home and it will make sense that girls in the suburbs of London are really different to the girls you will meet in Bangkok.

But more on this later.

Bangkok Night Girl

Let's start with the girls you will meet in Clubs, Bars and Gogo Bars. The ones everybody talk about.

- "I've met this girl, she was beautiful and fun, sex was amazing. And one day she turned crazy, always jealous, expecting me to pay for everything..."

- "Where did you met her?"

- " At a bar Soi 4 (Nana)"...

That's recipe for disaster. 9 time out of 10 with girls that you meet in this kind of places there's no "they lived happily ever after".

Even though there's exception, and all guys think they've found the perfect exception, the girls that work or evolve in this kind of environment got their way to seduce you and to get what they want.

Of course they're fun, friendly and take good care of you.

Not only it's usually in Thai Culture to take care of the guys, but that's also how they manage to make a living usually.

It doesn't mean they don't really care about you, sometime yes, sometime no.

But they will get over you really fast because that's how they live.

A few will even try to get the most money or advantages (travel, restaurants...) while they can and leave you when they found a better opportunity.

That's the way it is.

That's the reality you need to face when you manage by miracle to get girls in Thailand that would never look at you in your home country.

But that's only one type of girl, there's way more types of girls you will meet in Bangkok.

The "Into Farang" type of Thai Girl

A lot of Thai Girls in big cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket... even though they don't work in the nightlife / entertainment industry, love to hookup with Foreigners.

Thai guys don't really have the reputation to be romantic, sweet lovers, nor rich.

For many Thai Girls, dating a foreigner is the dream.

The promise of someone that will take good care of them (both romantically and financially) but that will also take them to travel, party, to dinner...

It's often the Thai Girls you will see on dating apps like Tinder, Thai Friendly... and in spots where expats and foreigners hangout.

The level of English can vary a lot from one girl to another but they're by far the most easy to date.

No big expectations, hopefully less drama and guys will be treated like Kings usually.

Apps to date girls in Bangkok :

The Hi-So Girl

As an expat in Thailand, if you hangout in popular areas like Sukhumvit, Sathorn... it's pretty likely that will see a lot of them.

The Hi-So Girls are from wealthy families, often studied abroad and have not only a good english but a more westernized mindset.

They're not looking for your money, their family have way enough. They don't always like your exotic look, they've hooked up with foreigners before.

It will be a lot harder to get around them as they often go out with their Hi So Thai friends but once you're into that circle, your experience of Bangkok will be a lot different.

It's hard to realize how luxurious is this city until you've followed the steps of High So.

Be ready to see some of the most amazing places in Bangkok, spend a lot of time taking pictures of her for her instagram (that is true for every Thai Girl) and to travel more than you would have expect.

But this come with a down side.

This girls often expect you to be able to live like them financially and when you're parents are paying for everything, you don't spend the same way as when you've earn your bucks.

It's also less likely she will take good care of you like other Thai Girls probably would.

They know you're neither a King nor a Baby and you can take care of yourself.

Up to you to decide if you like it or not.

Escorts in Bangkok

Now if you don't care and just want to know what's the price of a Thai Girl in Bangkok because you just care about getting laid, check our post on it and our review of Smooci, the most popular Escort Service in Bangkok.

No more guessing when you talk to a girl, you know what she wants and what she's open to perform. Save time and go straight to the bedroom.

More about Thai Girls

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