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Message 71

Hi Andrew

I bought MY THAI GIRL AND I back in May and really enjoyed it. I read it twice, so I really got my monies worth.
The song you quoted at the beginning of the book was Donovan and not Dylan ,but I suppose you have been told that by now.

Good luck with your life in Thailand.


ps I enjoy your blog, nearly as much as the book.

Message 72

Howdy Andrew,

I have just finished reading "MY THAI GIRL AND I". A great read. I have just returned from a
trip to Thailand where I stayed in a village with my in-laws.

I have stayed in a village in Nong Khai between So Pisai and Fao Lai and there are so many similarities between life in this village and your village life. From signing up new monks to trying to get to town in a vehicle without the rest of the village wanting a lift as well, family funerals, trying to have beer in the fridge without the rest of the village knowing,eating buckets of som tum, frogs,placenta soup,tacatan. The dog man from Sakon Nakon the sister-in-law getting out of pigs due to the price of food etc. etc.etc.

My wife is due back to Aust in 6 weeks and I have ordered a copy of "THAI GIRL".

Thanks for a look into your life. it was a great read and an interesting comparison to life in Thailand as I know it. Thank-you and please keep writing.

Craig G S

Message 73

Dear Mr Hicks,

I can confirm that one now well-read copy of 'MY THAI GIRL AND I' has indeed washed up on the shores of the treasured islands of Samoa. The book was passed to me by a long-term expat living here. He purchased it on a short visit to Thailand in April in preparation for a permanent relocation from Samoa to Thailand.

The expat is married to an Isaan girl and so regarded the book as essential reading. A text book nonetheless!! He handed it over to me eventually because I too am married to an Isaan girl.

Yours sincerely,
Michael D.

Message 74

Hello Andrew,

I was recently in Bangkok to see my Thai girlfriend, Cat. We are about the same ages as you and I got great pleasure and better understanding of what I was involved in from reading " MY THAI GIRL AND I".

I really enjoyed it, thank you for being so open. I no longer feel so alone when I have those frustrating moments with Cat, who I have to say is a very talented hardworking lady who has just completed her second masters degree whilst working in a pressure job full time. I love the Bangkok way of life but always find it so relaxing to return to New Zealand's wide open spaces and quiet traffic.

Thanks again and I wish you all the best for the future with your Cat.
Regards Bruce

Message 75

Hello Andrew,

I have read your book 'MY THAI GIRL AND I' and I must say I love it. In the first place, because everything you wrote and what happened to you happened to me in a more or less similar way and I really like how polite and diplomatic you put in words the things that drive some of us crazy.

You really have a hand to describe the things out there.

Just finished a house for the Thai family upcountry and hope in a few years to come back for good.

Again congratulation's on your good book and to find your way of living out there and thanks that you share it with us.

Your book (so I hope) will help me to stay 'jai yen yen' in all that difficult situations that maybe occur now and in the future.

Best regards,
Uwe B.

Message 76

I loved the book (MY THAI GIRL AND I).

I find it hard to believe though that a person can acclimatize as well as you appear to have, in such a "primitive/difficult" (to me) lifestyle after a well travelled and professional background. For a holiday or research, great, but with the intricacies of Thai culture and language you have done something very difficult.

I have visited Thailand on a number of occasions, but only as a tourist. I would believe that "farang" are not fully accepted there, just as certain migrants are not totally accepted in other countries. Although, males, I believe, would be more easily accepted because of the tradition of supportive husband/financial support person to extended family than females. It seems to me than Thailand is not the only country though where young ladies seek out older, wiser, and more financial gentlemen to help support families.

Please keep continuing to write about your lifestyle and I will look at the blog for continuation of your wonderful story. Well done.

I was really engrossed in the book. It was so very real. At times I could almost hear the locals talking about us, safe in the knowledge that we do not understand them.

What will happen when age catches up with you though? Will the village be able to care for you?

Best Regards, and thank you for writing the book.
Sue R.

Message 77

Dear Andrew,

Firstly congratulations on writing yet another fantastic book. I first read THAI GIRL in 2006 and posted on the Forum then (Message 50).

I have just returned from Thailand where I picked up your new book, MY THAI GIRL AND I as I had been following some of your adventures on your Blog. It only took me one day to complete the book as I was so wanting to find out every little story you had to tell.

I am sure that you will revisit my post to remind you self, so here is the update. I
am still with my Thai girl (Suthida) and we are going strong. It was funny as I was reading your book as I kept coming across little things that I too have had to encounter.

My girlfriend also enjoyed the book and like Cat she could not understand why you bought such an old Jeep, but i am glad that you kept it even after getting the new pick up.

From reading your blog, Cat really has got the building bug, and it was great to see that she has put the New House to such good use to educate children. If she gives any of them a better start in life due to an understanding of English then it will be a big achievement.

Keep up the hard work and the Blog



Message 78

Hi Andrew,

A quick email to say that I’ve just finished MY THAI GIRL AND I, and I really enjoyed it. I have read other books about ex-pats in Thailand and yours is by far the best. I could identify with much of it.

My wife and I left our village after four years because of work, and it not being the place where we wanted to raise our child. I do miss it though and often reading your book reminded me of this. Lopburi is great, but different. Thanks again.

Good luck.
Paul G

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