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Welcome to the future of escort services. Booking escorts in Singapore online now only take 2 minutes thanks to Smooci Singapore.

Smooci is a free escort website where you can find more than 150 girls and ladyboys available in Singapore.

Escorts from agencies, freelancers from clubs, call girls, companions, mistresses, slaves... Find them in minutes at the tip of your finger.

With over 150 profiles of girls and ladyboys in Singapore all you have to do is go to, select between girls and ladyboys, choose the time and duration of your date and pick your favorite escort.

Book an escort in Singapore in only 2 minutes.

All the escorts in Singapore

Of course, you have a ton of websites and agencies on google like :

But Smooci is a platform and not an escort agency.

That mean any escort can register on the app and be available for you to choose.

When you go to the website you will find girls and ladyboys from escorts agencies as well as independent freelancers, all in the same place.

Now you don't need to check different websites and navigate through fake reviews and photos.

With Smooci Singapore you have access to genuine profiles and you can know in real time who's available.

Even better, with the full description you can use filters to find what each escort is willing to do, compare prices, photos and select the perfect option for you.

Right now, you got over 160 registered escorts (females and ladyboys) on Smocci Singapore with in average around 40 available at all time.

In Singapore, the price start from S$ 240 for 1 hour.

Don't waste more time browsing through fake websites full of false advertising.

Visit now and see in minutes all the escorts available with genuine pictures and a complete list of all the services they provide :

Singapore now have a quality escort website

Finding the right escort online takes a lot of work and skills.

With tons of fake profiles, fake pictures, fake reviews and a ton of different websites that are all praising websites that give away huge commissions to the website owners, it's almost impossible to find an easy way to book an escort.

At least until now.

With Smooci, everything is transparent.

On this new escort website you're connected directly with the escort. No more middle man.

And there's more.

When you go to smooci, you pick the time for your date and the duration you want. The website will only show you the girls available at that time, so you don't loose time looking at profiles of girls that aren't available.

With escorts from agencies and freelancers on the same website, it's also really easy to compare prices.

And most importantly, you've got complete descriptions of the girls and ladyboys with mensurations, language the speak, the services they provide...

You know what you get and how much you pay for it.

This new app go straight to the point. All you have to do is go to website, you don't even need to subscribe or register, and in just a few steps you can see all the escorts available in Singapore for a fun time :

The best girls and ladyboys in Singapore

With almost all the escorts in Singapore on the same website it makes it really easy to choose.

By having freelancers and escorts from agencies on the same website, no doubt that Smooci have the best escorts in Singapore.

In total there's more than 150 girls and ladyboys registered on the app.

That's far more than any agency, escort service or other website.

And with prices starting as low as $S 240 for 1 hour, you're in for a good time and an experience you won't forget.

Forget about dating apps, expensive gentlemen clubs and overpriced agencies for now, go straight to the point.

Looking for a girl or a few girls for the night in Singapore ? Visit and book an escort in minutes.

Looking for a fun time with a ladyboy in Singapore ? have the largest selection of sexy ladyboys in the city.

How to book an escort in Singapore ?

Smooci Singapore have a really easy to use website with no registration required.

You can find all the escorts available in just minutes, for free, with no ads, and no membership fee.

To book an escort in Singapore :

  1. Visit
  2. Choose "Book an escort"
  3. Select  "Female" or "Transsexual"
  4. Choose "Outcall Escort" or "Incall Escort
  5. Select the time of your date
  6. Select the duration of your date
  7. See how's available and use filters to find the best options
  8. Find the escort you want and click on "Instant Book"
  9. Put your information details
  10. Fix yourself a drink and wait for your date to arrive

The fastest and easiest way to find and book an escort in Singapore.

Ready for your date? Click on the button bellow to see all the escorts available right now in Singapore.

Go Premium for more

With Smooci Premium get access to more features to take your dating to even further.

This one time subscription allow you to get even more from Smooci. 

With a premium membership you can :

  • Get a discount on all your bookings. Save up to 15$ on each date.
  • Book escorts up to 24 hours in advance, instead of 4 hours for normal customers. Great if you're traveling to Singapore or if you have tight schedule.
  • Chat directly with the escort, use the in app chat to talk with your future date even before you confirm your date. Discuss all the details or special requests before you make a booking.
  • See verified age and photos, with the premium membership you see the escort that have their age verified by the app and the photos that were verified by other users.
  • Access user reviews, see what other users have to say about their experience with the escort.
  • Online access, browse through all the girls and ladyboys profiles, even the one that are online, save your favorite and see which escort you will book when you're back online.
  • Get notifications, when an escort you like is connected to the app and available again.

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